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Andrew Christensen

Andrew Christensen’s debut novel, “Bloodlines”, is an epic Fantasy which was penned between his work as a devoted father and husband, his day job that pays the bills, and his second love-- being a competitor and instructor of European swordsmanship. His dream to be a writer started in high school when his English teacher brought out the writer in him by encouraging his desire to read. He has a passion for adventure and seeks to put it in every book he writes. 

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Bloodlines Trilogy

Bloodlines Book 1 - Chaos Rising

Available Now 7/7/2024

Bloodlines Book 2 - Coming Soon

Bloodlines Book 3 -  Coming Last

Solarpunk Series

The Eagle and The Jackal - A ways off

Orion's Freedom - A ways off

The Mines of Tai'Vor

Coming in the future

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