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White Crown Academy
The North Sky Hunt

Pirates, wyverns, and the risk of being swept into the swirling abyss? All things a normal teenage girl shouldn’t have to worry about, but Cleora will do anything to distance herself from her parents and forge her own path.


To secure her place at White Crown Academy and win a coveted scholarship, Cleora must join an airship crew and compete in a daring hunt to the far reaches of the floating isles. As everything goes awry, Cleora is determined to prove herself, but can she escape her dark past?


When a group of wannabe pirates sabotage her ship and threaten those she cares about, she will have to make a choice.

. . . and show everyone what a pirate's daughter is capable of.

-Young Adult Fantasy

-Steampunk Adventure


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About Amanda

Storyteller. Dreamer. Adventurer.

Amanda grew up in the desert of Southern Utah and aspires to be many things in her lifetime.

She enjoys yoga, reading, and playing video games in her spare time.

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