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Jodi Bracken

Jodi Bracken is an American author and special education teacher. She comes from country roots in southern Utah, and after much adventuring, has settled in Tennessee with her two children in a community she loves very much. When she isn’t writing or spending time with her kids, you can find her in a good book, attempting to paint, or on a walk with a friend.

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Children's Chapter Books

The Fox and the Faebloom

The Wistwood Chronicles Book 1

This fantasy chapter book includes a clever fox, moody fairies, nosey gnomes, magic, courage, and was written for kids age 7-10.

Breagan's Star

The Wistwood Chronicles Book 2

The sequel to The Fox and the Faebloom, Breagan's Star is a fun, fantasy chapter book written for kids age 7-10.


The Witch of the Wistwood

The Wistwood Chronicles Book 3

More coming soon!

YA/NA Fantasy


Fate of the Favored

More coming soon!

Buried in the Sand

More coming soon!



Behavior Boundaries

An Autism Resource

Written by a special needs teacher and autism momma, Behavior Boundaries provides a parent-friendly introduction to behavior management.

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