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     The demands on High Alchemist Isa are mounting. Without her spheres of light, the demons that prowl their ruined isle will pass through the wards of protection etched into Aranado’s walls and slaughter the last of her order. But between a distant king’s demand for alchemical light and the magic-eating nature spirits she is cursed to hide, there isn’t enough for the wall. Worse, should her spirits grow restless in their hunger and expose themselves, she will be exiled.

      Like her lover, Hura.

      Hura doesn’t hide his spirits. He hunts with them and feeds them the hearts of demons. In return, they keep him safe. One day, Isa will be thankful he let the serpentine spirits be strong. Walls don’t keep her safe. He does.

They travel to see the king, grateful for the time together. When a molting dragon appears in the moorland, its discarded scales promise a new source of magic strong enough to enchant Aranado’s walls, permanently.

     Hura can’t let her have them. What would he be to her if not her protector? Just a dog, chained outside the wall, until the king comes to kill them all. He will betray anyone to have his way.

But Isa should not be underestimated.

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Hi, I’m Ryan

Thank you for checking out “Torchlight.” If it made you feel a certain kind of way, let me know in the reviews, or send me a letter. I probably feel the same way about Hura and Isa.




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